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Secure and Monitor Microsoft 365

We set up automatic ingest of Microsoft 365 logs into our client’s existing Elastic SIEM. Leveraging this data, we developed custom queries, visualizations, and dashboards to unlock full visibility into the environment. This drastically improved incident detection and response times and empowered our client to make informed policy decisions that enhanced overall security posture.

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Project Management Dashboard

We developed a project management dashboard tool, providing comprehensive structure for project teams to track phases, milestones, tasks, metrics, and overall health.  This created a standardized way for project teams to increase team efficiency, support team communication, provide transparency, and store historical project information.

Workflow & Knowledge Management

We created a structured workflow to assist with cross-team processes and knowledge management.  This resulted in improved individual, team, and unit-wide organization, information sharing, efficiency, and collaboration.

Resource Planning

We created a platform to hold projects and staff assignments that calculated employee utilization. This was paired with a skills
profile library to store and visually graph employee skills information. Data was used to align project needs with staff skills
and interests.

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