IP360 Tools: Free For All!

Last year, I wrote a couple articles on how to integrate Tripwire IP360 data into Splunk.  These turned out to be very popular, with a number of folks reaching out to me for a copy of my IP360 Tools script that made all the magic happen.  I hesitated to give the script out since it was originally developed while I was employed at a consulting firm and I wasn’t sure if it was truly mine to give.

However, I’ve always appreciated the free and open source community, especially within the security field.  My own career has benefitted greatly from the use of free open source software and it always made me uneasy that I wasn’t sharing the script.  I’ve since moved on from the consulting firm and they’ve given me permission to do as I please with the script.  Given this, I have decided to make the IP360 Tools script freely available (yay!).

Download IP360 Tools

The script is provided as-is and I offer no support (unless you’ve got some money to burn!).  I also have no plans to continue development.  You’re welcome to use and modify it in any way you see fit.


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